Membership of the VHRA is governed by a few simple rules which are outlined below.

  1. 1.Ownership of a traditional style hot rod or custom is required. Traditional is defined as build styles and practices ranging from the 1910s to the early 1960s. Projects are acceptable but must fall within the rules of the association.

  1. 2.All cars must be of US manufacture prior to 1949. Replica or non-US counterparts are acceptable.

  1. 3.All cars should contain a genuine major component of pre 1949 manufacture. Recognised components are: body, chassis or engine. Ford flatheads of later manufacture are acceptable.

  1. 4.Non-original independent front ends, modern disc brakes, coilover shocks, air bags and/or radial tyres are not acceptable. Cars must contain a good proportion of old parts in their construction.

Please note, correspondence may not be entered into for invalid applications, which will be securely destroyed. If you’re still not sure, we’ve explained it in a little more detail HERE.

Annual Membership* for 2017/2018 is just £20 including postage in the UK. For Europe it’s £22 and for the rest of the world it’s £23. That price includes set of our new and exclusive pin badges as well as an enamel pin badge. Once you are a member we can also offer you the following:

Your own dedicated page on this website

The opportunity to compete at the Amateur Hot Rod Races at Pendine Sands

The chance to take part in GOW!, the VHRA exclusive event at Prescott Speed Hill Climb

A place on the start line at the Vintage Nationals held at Santa Pod Raceway

Discounted entry to other events, sometimes even free!

Members only merchandise - including T shirts, tag toppers, kit bags and more.

Preferential vehicle insurance - plus free expert insurance valuations

Letters of Authentication for DVLA registration applications from just £25

Engine Identification Certificates for IVA inspections from just £25

Still interested? Then click HERE for the application form. Print off and complete all the sections, making sure your vehicle is eligible, send it back to us with your payment, along with a recent photograph or two of your car, and you’ll receive your membership card and goodies by return. For those of you renewing membership, please click HERE for the renewal form.

  1. *Membership runs for 12 months from the date of sign up. If you happen to sell your car whilst you are a member this does not mean your membership ends. Once you are a member, and if membership is maintained without a break, then you can remain a member even if you are between cars. If membership is allowed to lapse, then you have to wait till you get another eligible car before being able to sign up again.

  2. *If membership is allowed to lapse and renewal is made within 12 months, it will run consecutively from the date shown on your membership card.